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Eric Liu

Education Coach & Director
  • Homestead High School Alumni (Class 2006)

    • Home of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak!​

  • University of California, San Diego Alumni (Class 2011)

    • Psychology B.A., Minor in Economics​

  • Founded Exclusive Tutoring SD in 2012​

Why Education Coaching?

Most tutors and Private Educators work as a supplemental job - in doing so, their time is limited and their knowledge base is restricted. Tutors are usually good at teaching a single subject, but few have experience alleviating issues that come with education/learning.

I have a different approach - an  Education Coach serves as a tutor, but provides much more than just academic help.  Educational Coaching is a profession, which requires a combination of skill, patience, communication, and observation.

This is a full-time job. With my background in psychology and mentoring, my role as an Education guide and facilitate growth in each student, recognize limitations and mental roadblocks, and plan strategies to overcome each one.

Our education system has had various problems in recent years and has left plenty of students in situations where their conceptual understanding is limited. In addition, there are always issues behind learning, masked with bad grades and behavioral issues, test anxiety, and avoidance behaviors that take a professional to identify. By creating a safe learning environment where a student feels comfortable asking questions without judgment, we are able to help overcome and move past these common learning issues.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing our options for development moving forward.

I hope you're as excited to learn as I am!

-Eric Liu

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